Pain Management


Patients experiencing chronic pain or the side effects of pain medicine can turn to their doctor and Tormed Pharmacy for custom compounding options. Those who need to manage pain on a daily basis can turn to compounding for unique treatments and personalized pain management.


Alternative dosage forms that bypass the gastrointestinal tract can help manage pain with less GI irritation and also help patients with trouble swallowing. Tormed Pharmacy can formulate your prescriptions in gels, creams, foams, or sprays that can be directly applied to the pain site and absorbed through the skin.


When a chronic pain sufferer is placed under multiple medications, Tormed Pharmacy can on many occasions combine the different medicines into a single capsule or topical preparation for the patient’s convenience.


Patients come in different sizes, have varying symptoms, and tolerances to pain. Commercial medications may address these specific needs. Tormed Pharmacy and your doctor can customize dosages and dosage forms to best match the patient’s needs.