Pediatric Compounding


Children are good candidates for custom compounded prescriptions. Unique dosage sizes, flavoring, and unique dosage forms such as lollipops and gummy treats will benefit young patients in different ways. Pediatric compounding is the practice of preparing customized medications for children. Modern advancements and techniques allow Tormed Pharmacy to customize medication to the patient’s unique needs.


Prescribers and parents can turn to Tormed Pharmacy for pediatric compounding. Pediatric compounding solutions include greater patient compliance, allergies to preservatives or dyes, or modified dosages from standard strengths. With a prescription, Tormed Pharmacy can produce medications of different strengths, add flavoring, or provide the medication in alternative delivery and dosage forms.


Multiple medications can be combined into single, easy to take capsules. For those who find swallowing capsules difficult, Tormed Pharmacy can prepare topical gels or creams that can be absorbed through the skin, suppositories, sub-lingual lozenges, lollipops, and drops. Nearly any kind of medicine can be compounded. If unique dosages or delivery methods are required by order of your doctor, Tormed Pharmacy can help prepare your unique medication.