Veterinary Compounding


Pet owners know that animals are difficult to treat with medicine. From cats refusing to eat pills to dosages that are completely different for different breeds and sizes of dogs to large and exotic pets such as horses and birds, Tormed Pharmacy can provide veterinary solutions.


Compounding is the practice of preparing customized medications for patients. Modern advancements and techniques allow Tormed Pharmacy to customize medication to the patient’s unique needs.


Prescribers and pet owners can turn to Tormed Pharmacy for veterinary compounding for various reasons including greater patient compliance, allergies to preservatives or dyes, or modified dosages from standard strengths. With a prescription, Tormed Pharmacy can produce medications of different strengths, add flavoring, or provide the medication in alternative delivery and dosage forms.


Nearly any kind of medicine can be compounded. If unique dosages or delivery methods are required by order of your veterinarian, Tormed Pharmacy can help prepare your unique medication.